From 2012 to 2013

Happy new year, everyone! Last year was quite a big year for me, but I'm still eager to push forward into 2013. In 2012, I traveled to Florida; Mexico; Wisconsin (for my first WisCon); New York twice (for the Lambda Literary Awards and BEA in June, then again for the Brooklyn Book Festival in September); New Hampshire (for vacation); Anaheim, CA (for ALA); Portland, OR (for SIrens); Richmond, VA (for the James River Writers Conference); and Las Vegas (for ALAN). That's nine (9!) locations and 10 trips, which is probably the most I've traveled in one year.

In 2013, I already have a few trips lined up. I'm going to be heading down to Los Angeles twice (further details forthcoming), and I'm going to the U.K. on vacation this summer. Since I have a new book out in the fall, I will hopefully add a few locations later on in the year, and I'm pretty sure I'll be at Sirens again.

In 2012, I had five books come out (three were anthologies), which is certainly a record for me:

In 2013, I'm expecting three books to be released: Defy the Dark edited by Saundra Mitchell (including my story "Ghost Town"), which comes out this summer; the paperback edition of Adaptation (not sure when yet); and the sequel to Adaptation (this fall).

In 2012, I wrote the sequel to Adaptation, which clocked in at around 120,000 words and is the longest book I've ever written. I also wrote something else I haven't told you about yet.

In 2013, I plan to write a fairy tale for the anthology Grim edited by Christine Johnson, which will be published in 2014. I also plan to write a novel which will challenge me in a way that nothing else I've written has done. I really can't wait to start on this project!

In 2012, I did not make any new year's resolutions because I didn't feel like it. This year, I do have a resolution. I resolve to be brave in my writing: to acknowledge what scares me and to go for it anyway.

I hope that you have a wonderful and fulfilling 2013!