INHERITANCE is available today in paperback!

Today is the U.S./Canada publication date for the paperback version of Inheritance. Look at the lovely paperback cover with that hinty tagline, courtesy of Little, Brown Books for Young Readers: inheritance-paperback

Inheritance is the sequel to Adaptation, and you definitely shouldn’t read Inheritance until you read Adaptation. For the uninitiated, they are my X-Files-inspired science fiction thrillers involving deadly birds, government conspiracies, and a bisexual love triangle (it's a feature, not a bug). People seem to think they're scary, which I take as a compliment! For more info, go here for the full details.

Since Adaptation and Inheritance are now both out and available all across the world in English, the publication of the Little, Brown paperback edition of Inheritance marks the end of my duology. (And don’t forget, there’s also the ebook companion novella, Natural Selection, which is Amber’s pre-Adaptation story.)

Here’s where I post some links for where you can buy the paperback version of Inheritance, and you’ll notice something missing: Amazon. That’s right, Amazon is still delaying shipment of Hachette titles, and at the time I wrote this post (Sept. 14, the day before the official pub date), the paperback was not available on Amazon. So I suggest that if you’d like a paperback Inheritance, you should buy it from somewhere else. Here are some places you can buy the paperback Inheritance in the United States:

And in Canada:

If you haven’t read Inheritance yet, I hope you like it. I had a ton of fun writing it!

INHERITANCE is out today in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand

I’m thrilled to announce that my novel Inheritance, the sequel to Adaptation, is now available in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, published by Hodder Children’s Books. inheritance-hoddercover

Here’s the cover description:

David’s fingers squeezed hers, and through the connection that opened between them when they touched, Reese felt his emotions echoing her own. They both had that jittery, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that said: You’re about to do something that could either be a huge success or a crushing defeat.

Reese and David are different now. Surrounded by a web of conspiracies, Reece feels that she must choose between two worlds.

Her choices: David — or Amber? This world — or another? Should they tell the truth, and risk everything?

And here are some extras:

Get Inheritance at:

Inheritance is out today!

inheritance-finalcover-525wToday is the official U.S./Canada publication day for my fourth novel, Inheritance, the sequel to Adaptation. I am so excited for you to read the conclusion of Reese’s story! Writing Inheritance was one of the most fun writing experiences I've ever had. That's not to say I didn't have frustrating moments and extensive revisions (there are always revisions!), but because I'd already established the characters in Adaptation, with this book it was simply easier for me to put the characters through the story. It was also a lot of fun because Adaptation and Inheritance are basically a giant mystery, and I love mysteries. It was challenging and entertaining for me to figure out how and when to reveal the clues.

As I posted last week, I’m traveling to Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Denver, Colorado over the next month to do events, and I hope you’ll come out and see me! I’ll bring my beautiful character postcards and bookmarks and Bin 42 stickers for everyone. If you’re not in those parts of the country and you still want a signed book, as always you can get one from my local bookstore, Book Passage.

Inheritance is also available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, IndieBound, iBooks, Google Play, and Kobo.

Praise for Inheritance

(Don’t worry, I have removed all spoilers.)

“The inside look at the Imria, only peripherally understood in the previous novel, is intriguing—they are the stars here as much as Reese. … The graceful, thoughtful look at [spoiler redacted] is an unexpected twist, and for this reason alone readers may find Reese (and her ex- and new boyfriends) just as memorable as the clever plot and strong world-building that are the strengths of this novel.” — The Horn Book

“As in the first book, dialogue rings true, and the characters are appealing. … The alien and political machinations provide menace, a brisk page-turning plot and lots of fun.” — Kirkus

“In less than 500 pages, Malinda explores race relations, sexual fluidity, gender identity, Internet commenting culture, modern news media, and other really important topics I can’t talk about because of spoilers. And she does it all seamlessly. One of the big motifs of Inheritance is empathy, and the book itself is a prejudice-vanquisher for vastly underrepresented members of the queer community. I did a literal air-punch alone in my bedroom when I finished it.” — AfterEllen

“Lo’s work on Inheritance and other YA illustrates that you can explore very complicated, mature subjects of gender, sexuality, and relationships without turning a book into a parade of Special Learning Experiences and Serious Moments. This isn’t an issue book, a gay and lesbian book, a queer book. It’s a book about people living their lives in the face of something truly extraordinary and amazing, it’s science fiction, and, oh yeah, it happens to include diverse characters. This is the way I love seeing diversity in YA done; not as an afterthought, not as a mission of the text, but as something thoroughly integrated into who the characters are and how the story is told, without pounding readers over the head with it.” — s.e. smith

“Fans of Adaptation will not be disappointed with the conclusion of Reese’s and Amber’s and David’s story. In fact, the tension in Inheritance becomes even more intense. The conspiracies spin out of control, the danger becomes real as both Reese and David experience violence from extremists on both sides who react exactly as imagined upon learning that beings from another world exist. And the love triangle between Reese, David and Amber is handled with such delicate care that the reader really can’t choose who to root for. Lo resolves the triangle in an unconventional way that will have fans either loving the resolution or hating it. I, in fact, loved it and thought it to be a brave choice by Lo.” — Rich in Color

An Inheritance Playlist

One of my favorite (possibly procrastinatory) things to do is to create playlists for the book I’m writing. I’ve noticed, though, that with each book the function of these playlists changes. With Adaptation and Inheritance I often had two different kinds of playlists. The kind I listened to while I was writing, which was usually wordless electronic music, and the kind I listened to while I was thinking about writing (while walking my dog or driving). Because I think of Adaptation and Inheritance as kind of the same project, some of the music crossed over into both books. In the playlist for Adaptation that I posted last year, I tried to focus on songs that seemed especially appropriate for that novel, knowing that I’d be saving some for the Inheritance playlist.

Fast-forward a year, and here’s my Inheritance playlist, a select lucky 13 tracks out of all the music I listened to while writing these books. Thoughts on why I chose these songs follow the embedded video.

1. “Exo-Politics” by MuseExopolitics refers to extraterrestrial politics, and is a term used by those who believe that, well, extraterrestrial politics exists. It’s also a song by Muse, and it’s awesomely fitting for Inheritance.

2. “Hide the Cracks” by Sarah Williams White — This rather creepy song makes me think of Reese facing the public after the end of Adaptation. I actually listened to the Strangers Remix of this song while writing Inheritance, but the Phaeleh Remix has a video on YouTube (it’s actually a short indie scifi film) that is really cool and is well worth a watch.

3. “Remain Nameless” by Florence + The Machine — I listened to a lot of Florence while writing these books because her songs are so incredibly dramatic, and sometimes I needed to be inspired to amp up the drama. This one was one of my favorites because the lyrics seemed to reflect Reese’s struggle with identity.

4. “Shameless” (feat. Bryan Ferry) by Groove Armada — This song made me think of David.

5. “Easy” by Dragonette — And this song made me think of Amber.

6. “Double Edge” by Emika — Creepy love triangle angst!

7. “So Cruel” by U2 — I identify Chapters 24–26 with this song. When I was writing these chapters, I’d go for walks and listen to this song and feel … well, sort of evil, but it was awesome.

8. “Clone” by Metric — This is what I listened to while writing Chapter 29, followed by …

9. “Not Fooling Around” by Butterfly Boucher — Another song for Chapter 29.

10. “Uprising” by Muse — Yet again, Muse has a song that seems expressly made for this book!

11. “I Know the Truth” by Pretty Lights — While writing, I listened to a lot of what I categorized as “sci-fi thriller music,” and this song definitely fits that bill.

12. “My Hero” by Foo Fighters — What I love about this song is these lyrics: “There goes my hero / He’s ordinary.” I love a good superhero(ine), but I also love stories about otherwise ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Even though Reese does become not entirely ordinary in these books, she’s not super strong or super fast. She's trying to figure out how to be heroic when she feels pretty ordinary.

13. “Big” by Sneaky Sound System —The first time I heard this song I thought of the ending of Inheritance: "This is the moment we've been waiting for / This could be big for me and you."