Preorder A LINE IN THE DARK (and other news)

First! Reviews are starting to come in for A Line in the Dark and I am so thrilled that the book has received a star from Kirkus! (I have removed all potential spoilers, don't worry.)

★ "Lo has delivered an intricate tapestry of narrative, woven in a labyrinthine pattern of secrets and colored with intersecting hues of Chinese-American identity, the dark intensity of relationships, and telltale stains of blood. ... Mesmerizing." — Kirkus

It has also received these lovely reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist:

"Jess’s insecurities and simmering emotions are palpable in her first-person narration. ... Lo pivots halfway in ... keeping readers guessing until the final pages." — Publishers Weekly

"The bulk of the story is told brilliantly from Jess’ tightly observed perspective, her observations colored by intense jealousy and desire, the truth of which is doled out in subtle moments and expressive language. ... doesn’t let up until the unpredictable conclusion." — Booklist

🙌🏽  💃🏻  🎉  😂 ❗️

Second! One of my favorite things about being an author is visiting and working with local bookstores. My local bookstore is now Porter Square Books in Cambridge, MA, and I'm thrilled that they're helping me launch A Line in the Dark this October with an event and a way for you to get signed copies of the novel, even if you aren't nearby.

If you'd like to pre-order a copy of A Line in the Dark, click here. If you want me to sign it to anyone, enter that info (e.g., "To Angie") in the Order Comments field on the Checkout page. Then, when the book is published I will go to Porter Square Books and sign the copy for you, and they will mail it to you!


Third! I'm really looking forward to celebrating the publication of A Line in the Dark at Porter Square Books on Oct. 17, 2017, at 7 p.m. Even better, E. K. Johnston (That Inevitable Victorian Thing, Ahsoka, many other excellent books) will be joining me! If you're in the Boston area I hope you'll come out and see us.

I will be doing several more events for A Line in the Dark this fall, and I'll be announcing those soon. Stay tuned because I might be coming to a city near you!

Fourth! Porter Square Books is also the place where you can get signed copies of my other books. If you want me to personalize them for you, tell them in that Order Comments field and I will head over to the bookstore and write in them for you. Note: Currently Adaptation is not available as a paperback (you can always get it as an ebook), but I'm hoping that it will be available soon. I'll announce when that happens.

P.S. Pre-ordering books is really helpful for authors. Like, it is the number one most helpful thing you can do to help an author stay in business. I love supporting indies, so preordering from Porter Square Books is two good deeds at once, but preordering from other retailers is also very very helpful. Thank you!