A LINE IN THE DARK is out today!

Today's the day! My fifth novel, A Line in the Dark, is officially on sale at all retailers. A Line in the Dark is a psychological thriller about a sixteen-year-old Chinese American girl named Jess Wong, who has a supremely deep crush on her best friend, Angie Redmond. When Angie starts dating Margot Adams, a wealthy, charismatic girl at the nearby prep school, Jess is thrust into a torturous emotional bind. I'm not going to tell you what happens, but I will tell you this: There's a gun in the first sentence of the book, and astute readers will know that means that at some point, the gun must be fired.


I'm celebrating the publication of A Line in the Dark tonight at 7 p.m. at Porter Square Books in Cambridge, MA, with the help of fabulous author E. K. Johnston. If you're in the Boston area, come out and see us! If you're not in the Boston area, I'll also be doing events in Portland, OR, and Austin, TX in the next couple weeks. Check out all my events here.

Here are some of the wonderful reviews my book has received:

"Lo's storytelling is taut and vivid as she expertly doles out clues. ... Drawing every character as complicit in unexpected and thought-provoking ways, Lo spins an addictive psychological mystery." — The Horn Book

★ "Lo has delivered an intricate tapestry of narrative, woven in a labyrinthine pattern of secrets and colored with intersecting hues of Chinese-American identity, the dark intensity of relationships, and telltale stains of blood. ... Mesmerizing." — Kirkus

"A Line in the Dark is a twisty, dark psychological thriller that will leave you guessing til the very end. ... Lo offers some impressive storytelling, a chilling plot, and mean girls aplenty." — Teen Vogue

"The bulk of the story is told brilliantly from Jess’ tightly observed perspective, her observations colored by intense jealousy and desire, the truth of which is doled out in subtle moments and expressive language. ... doesn’t let up until the unpredictable conclusion." — Booklist

"Jess’s insecurities and simmering emotions are palpable in her first-person narration. ... Lo pivots halfway in ... keeping readers guessing until the final pages." — Publishers Weekly

"Friendship, romance, obsession, and crime all get tangled up in this complicated mystery about love and lies. ... Dark, twisty, and unsettling, this book almost begs to be read in one sitting, and then instantly reread." — School Library Journal

A Line in the Dark can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, your local independent bookstore, iBooks, or my local indie, Porter Square Books (where you can also get signed copies).

I hope you enjoy it!