NYC Teen Author Festival
to Mar 21

NYC Teen Author Festival

Sunday, March 19, 7 PM: Kick Off! (The Strand, 828 Broadway)

Tara Altebrando
Andrea Cremer
Heidi Heilig
Malinda Lo
Lance Rubin
Maggie Stiefvater
Katherine Webber
Ibi Zoboi

Moderated by David Levithan

Monday, March 20, 6-8 PM: Feminism for the Real World and for YA (Mulberry Street NYPL)

Explanation: What does feminism look like and how does it work in both the world of YA creators and the worlds that YA authors create? To discuss this, we will have two different groups of authors in conversation. The first group is made of contributors to Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World, a new anthology of feminist voices across many creative fields. The second group of YA authors have all written about young women forging their identities in a world that often defines them other than how they would wish to be defined.

Panel #1:
Kody Keplinger
Kelly Jensen (moderator)
Malinda Lo
Sarah McCorry
Nova Ren Suma
Shveta Thrakar

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