Thank you for your interest in my endorsement of your book; I am honored. I do have specific policies in place to help me (and you!) navigate the sometimes tricky world of blurb-requesting, and to make things easier on both of us. Please note:

All blurb requests must come via your editor, publisher, or agent. If you are the author, please do not ask me for a blurb directly. This is solely meant to avoid awkwardness in case I don’t feel comfortable blurbing your book. If you email me directly, I will only direct you to this page.

I am open to blurb requests for books in all genres of fiction, but I am especially interested in YA about lesbian, bisexual, and queer girls.

I only blurb books that I unreservedly love. This leaves out a lot of books, and that is intentional. I enjoy plenty of books that I don’t feel comfortable endorsing with a blurb. For me, a blurb means that I want my readers to check out that book, so I’m very careful with what I recommend.

Thanks again for your interest, and good luck with the publication of your novel!