My short story "The Fox" is now available for free online

I thought I'd start 2015 off right by putting one of my short stories online for free. Back in 2011, I wrote a story called "The Fox" that was set a couple of years after the end of Huntress. The story was originally available at Subterranean Online, but then my publisher, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, wanted to include it as a bonus in the paperback version of Huntress, so the story left the internet ... temporarily! I know many of you have asked for this story outside of the paperback version of Huntress for various reasons (like, you don't live in the US so you can't buy it, or you already bought the hardcover), and I've been wanting to put it back online for a while.

I didn't want to simply put it up on my website, though. I wanted to commission a piece of art to go with it. Back in November I got in touch with Claudia Aguirre, a talented artist who made the fantastic postcards I commissioned for Adaptation and Inheritance and asked if she'd do a similar character-based illustration for "The Fox." I'm so happy that Claudia could do it, because now I can show you Kaede. It is so great, you guys. Look:

Art by Claudia Aguirre

Isn't that amazing? The art totally captures the spooky mood of "The Fox," and I love the way Kaede looks.

If you'd like to read "The Fox", it's available two ways: You can read it right here on my website or you can read it at Wattpad:

I only have this one story on Wattpad right now, but I might add more in the future.

Thank you for reading, and happy new year!