The print edition of TREMONTAINE Season 1 is now available!

You may remember that a couple of years ago I was on the writing staff for a serialized prequel to Ellen Kushner's groundbreaking fantasy novel Swordspoint. If you've ever wished there was a queer Three Musketeers, this is it!

The prequel, Tremontaine, is set about 15 years before Swordspoint, and focuses on two ambitious and totally different women: Diane, the Duchess Tremontaine, who has plenty of ambition and very few hangups about how to achieve her goals; and Ixkaab Balam, the first daughter of a trading family from across the sea, who struggles to balance her family's business with her own hot temper and love for sword fighting (and the ladies).

Tremontaine was first released as a digital serial, sort of like a TV series, but if you're more accustomed to getting your fantasy in a paper format, now's your chance to dive in. Saga Press has released the entire first season as both a hardcover and a paperback. It's a hefty tome — perfect for epic tale it tells!

Here are a couple of very nice reviews of the print edition:

"Well-paced, excellently written, delighting in the opportunity to fully indulge in its drama of manners (and swords), it's one of the most accomplished and purely enjoyable things I've read in a while. I recommend it highly." — Locus Magazine

"Strong and charming … Kushner is joined by six peers, and the talented authors do a great job of juggling a large cast. Series fans will welcome the addition of racial diversity to a series that was already notable for its spotlighting of queer people and women. … the overall tale is excellent." — Publishers Weekly

In honor of the print publication, fellow Tremontaine writer Alaya Dawn Johnson and I guest posted at John Scalzi's Whatever blog, nerding out over our love for background research, specifically focusing on the cross-cultural trade of chocolate. Yes! I know! Read it here. 

Happy birthday, print Tremontaine

You can get your own copy at AmazonBarnes & Noble, or IndieBound.