How to get signed books for the holidays


The holiday season is rapidly approaching and, as always, books make great gifts — and signed books make even better gifts! This year if you'd like to order signed and  personalized copies of my novels, you can do that from Porter Square Books via this link. When you order the book, please note if you'd like me to personalize it, and also let me know to whom I should personalize it (e.g., "To Stephanie").

Once the bookstore receives your order, they email me and then I go to the store and sign the book. Given that the holidays are busy for everyone, if you'd like to order a signed copy, please do it soon so that you'll be sure to get it in time.

Additionally, subscribers to my newsletter Lo & Behold will have the chance to get some signed swag from me to complement your gifts (or to give yourself because you deserve it!), so if you're not a subscriber yet, sign up here. The next issue goes out on Monday (Nov. 27).

Happy pre-holidays!