Out today: Tremontaine Episode 12: "A Tale of Two Ladies"

At by Kathleen Jennings
At by Kathleen Jennings

Today marks the release of Episode 12 of Tremontaine, titled "A Tale of Two Ladies." It is the last of the three Tremontaine episodes I've written, and definitely my favorite of the three. It’s available to buy at Serial Box (where it comes with the audiobook version) or at Kindle.

If you haven't given Tremontaine a try yet and you need further convincing, let me point you to this amazing review by Heather Hogan at Autostraddle, titled "'Tremontaine' is a Paradise of Queerness and Chocolate." And here are some quotes from that review:

"Tremontaine is an adventure, and at least two love stories, too — but it’s also a savvy commentary on the economics and ethics of cultural exchange. ... It’s not just an entertaining series; it’s an incisive cultural critique."

(Me: Yes! Exactly!)

But also:

"... every love story is between men who love men, or women who love women, or men and women who love both men and women. The sex is good fun, but the romance is deliriously well-written. Such aching and longing and pining and promises (amid cups and cups of chocolate!)."

In case you missed it, here's my behind-the-scenes post about what went into writing Episode 8, in which I reveal my dread secret: I don't like chocolate. But don't worry: you won't be able to tell in my episodes.

And anyway, Episode 12! Is out today! I hope you enjoy it, because I certainly did.