It's a real book!

A hardcover copy of Adaptation by Malinda Lo It's reeeeeeeaaaaaaal! I got my first advance copies of Adaptation on Thursday. This is my third published novel, and I think that it just gets more exciting every time. Look at how shiny it is! There is gloss over the water portion of the cover image, which really makes the image pop.

A hardcover copy of Adaptation by Malinda Lo

You can't really get the full effect in the photo above, but when you stand back from the book, the title looks like it's vibrating. HOW COOL IS THAT? And here is the back cover with the most awesome blurbs ever:

Of course I had to take off the jacket to see how the spine was treated, and it has some gorgeous shimmery green text:

Want a sneak peek at the interior? Here's the title page, where I admit my eye was most drawn to the "Also by Malinda Lo" page. I might have screamed a little. I mean, whoa, I've also written two other novels. Sometimes that seems a little astonishing.

Last but not least, here's one of my favorite pages in the book: the epigraph. Sometimes I think people skip over a book's epigraph (if it has one), but I strongly advise that you don't. Who knows, there may be clues in there.

Adaptation officially comes out Sept. 18th, which is in just about two weeks! I know that it ships to stores before then, so it might sneak onto some bookshelves near you in advance. (If it does, please send me a pic! I'd love to see it.)

I hope you enjoy it. I really love this book. *hugs real book to self* *ow, pointy, corners!*