Happy book birthday to Adaptation!

Cover for Adaptation by Malinda LoToday is the official publication day for my third novel, Adaptation. Part of me still can't quite believe that this is my third published novel, and yet another part of me thinks, HELL YEAH THIS IS MY THIRD PUBLISHED NOVEL! So: woohoo! I'm celebrating by revising the sequel to Adaptation (haha) but I also plan to drink some champagne tonight. I hope you'll join me in a virtual toast!

As I posted last week, I'm traveling across the country this fall to talk about Adaptation. I'm doing events in the San Francisco area; New York City and Brooklyn (next weekend!); near Portland, Oregon; and in Richmond, Virginia. As always, I'm bummed that I can't make it to everywhere people want me to go (believe me, I'd come to the U.K. if I could!) but you can still get an autographed copy of Adaptation even if I'm not anywhere near your neck of the woods. My local independent bookstore, Book Passage, will always be able to hook you up with a signed copy. All you have to do is call them or order a copy online; if you order it online be sure to specify in the comments box if you'd like a signed copy and if you want it personalized (and to whom). Book Passage will let me know, and I'll stop by to sign it for you.

And…thank you, readers, for tweeting me your photos of Adaptation and letting me know that you've been reading it. It means a lot to me to know that you're enjoying it. :)

Praise for Adaptation

"This novel takes off like a shot. … Lo’s (Huntress) writing sparkles throughout, Reese’s efforts at self-acceptance after the accident are engaging, and the exciting ending will leave readers ready for the sequel." — Publishers Weekly

"Lo moves into the territory of The X-Files without a hitch, crafting a well-developed character in Reese and making us believe her slow discovery that she is now part of something larger. All the twists and turns you’d expect from a good SF thriller are here, but they are deepened by how real (and how sensible) Reese’s character is, and by the fact that she realistically grapples as much with who she’s attracted to as with what’s happening to her on a larger level." — Locus

"This was the first book I’d read in a long, long time that actually befit the name “page turner,” where the time flew by as the plot grew thicker and creepier, where the world it created inhabited my thoughts even when I wasn’t reading it. This book is exciting in so many different ways: aside from just being a thoroughly enjoyable and thrilling read, it’s one of the first sci-fi young adult novels I’ve ever read with such solid queer characters. The plot of this book is so engrossing that it won’t just be read by queer kids because it’s queer. Kids of all stripes will read this, and get an awesome queer perspective injected into their brains as a bonus. I feel like this could really propel Malinda Lo even further in her career than where she is now, and it would be completely well deserved." — AfterEllen

"Lo’s thriller, a fresh take on classic sci-fi tropes, matches quick plot turns with thoughtful exploration of Reese’s hesitantly emerging bisexuality in a subtle, yet powerful, play on the idea of being alien." — School Library Journal

"Lo invokes a paranoid X-Files sensibility here, layering conspiracy atop conspiracy and balancing ambitious twists with nuanced relationships that are ultimately as important to the sci-fi plotting as they are to the character development. Reese's vague sensory memories of her missing time are appropriately creepy, and they work well to set up the final revelation of what is really going on. Fans of Lo's previous fantasies will appreciate her continued facility with mystery and atmosphere, and her satisfying twist on classic alien tropes is sure to attract some new admirers." — The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"The tension is relentless ... Lo manages a diverse cast (Asian-American smart stud; gay conspiracy nut; debate nerd) without ever falling into stereotypes. ... slot this on the shelf between Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother and The X-Files." — Kirkus

"In this daring science-fiction thriller, Lo depicts a memorably frightening future." — John DeNardo, Kirkus

"As a kid I grew up watching “The X-Files” – since its pilot to the very end, actually. I’m a huge fan of the paranormal/paranoid government conspiracy genre, and have been kinda sad that YA doesn’t have enough paranoid government stuff in its canon. Well, now with “Adaptation”, all of that has changed. This is a wonderful homage to the show I grew up with, and an awesome turn on YA romance and the developing YA body. The questions of “what am I, really?” and “Does it matter if I love a boy or a girl”? are kind of at the forefront here as Reese figures herself out, making for some of the best reading of the year." — Birth of a New Witch

"This is a story about solitude and emotional alienation, about how love transforms you (often against your will!), and about finding solace in unexpected places. … Lo…uses the genre of science fiction as a metaphorical tool, and she couldn’t have chosen more apt metaphors or more profound issues–sexual identity, emotional isolation, trust, and first loves–on which to use them." — The Intergalactic Academy

Adaptation will have you looking skyward and believing in conspiracies again.” — Cindy Pon, author of Silver Phoenix

“Starts with a bang and doesn't stop rocking, and has a sexy bad ... girl.” — Sarah Rees Brennan, author of The Demon’s Lexicon series

“A clever, fast-paced, romantic adventure chock full of unexpected twists and surprises.” — Holly Black, bestselling author of White Cat and The Spiderwick Chronicles

* * *

Get Adaptation at your local independent bookstore, Barnes & Noble (including Nook), Amazon (including Kindle), Book Depository, or iBooks. ((If it's not on the shelf at your bookstore, be sure to ask for it. Sometimes new books aren't shelved immediately, and not every bookstore will have it, but you can always order it.))