Wrapping up YA Pride 2012

It's June 30, which means my first YA Pride month has come to an end. I hope that you enjoyed the past month of posts focusing on LGBT young adult books. It was a lot of fun to put together — though also quite a bit more work than I anticipated! (I foolishly thought, hey, interviews aren't that hard for me, plus I'm mostly just going to post lists. Ha! The joke's on me! But I do think it was worth it.) My goals for YA Pride were to celebrate the LGBT YA that is out there, but also to draw attention to new and upcoming LGBT YA titles. During the course of interviewing several authors, I also discovered that one of my goals was to try to get to the bottom of whether or not it really is harder to publish LGBT-themed YA than straight (heterosexual) YA. I think the answer is mixed, and actually I find that to be pretty encouraging.

The five most popular posts, in order, were: ((Keep in mind that these stats are from June 29, and some of the YA Pride posts have been online longer than others and that might contribute to their higher rankings.))

  1. YA Pride: 2012 LGBT YA Books, January-March
  2. Announcing YA Pride Month (This is kind of funny, since there's nothing in this post except an announcement that YA Pride month is going to happen. Though I do love the picture of the Navy ladies kissing.)
  3. YA Pride: 2012 LGBT YA Books, April-June
  4. From Problem to Pride: A Short History of Queer YA Fiction
  5. YA Pride: “Am I allowed to write this?”

I'm not surprised that the lists have been the most popular, but I'm absurdly happy that Daisy Porter's brief history of queer YA has made it into the top five. I love that people were interested in the history of queer YA! If you missed any of the past month of YA Pride posts, you can check them all out here.

So now I'm turning to you for some feedback. I really enjoyed putting together this month of posts (despite the unexpected work!) and I'm considering doing it again next year. If I do, what would you like to see in a YA Pride month of posts? What did you like? What would you want more of? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

And thanks for visiting my site this month and being part of YA Pride.