Will there be a sequel to ASH?


Requests for a sequel are always very flattering — thank you! But the short answer is: No. I feel that Ash’s story is complete, and I’m pretty sure Ash has a fairly boring — though very happy — life after the end of the book. There really wouldn’t be much to write about.

Ash is a Cinderella retelling, and I feel that Cinderella is a full tale on its own. It’s about getting to the happily ever after, not about what happens during the happily ever after. Also, a sequel to Cinderella would probably involve messing up her happily ever after. (A story usually needs some sort of conflict to set it in motion.) I can see that this would be an interesting take on the Cinderella story (sort of writing against the standard version of the tale), but my angle with Ash was to give the happily ever after to a queer girl. I’m definitely not taking that away. Therefore, no sequel.

But there is a prequel: Huntress.