What a year!

After two weeks of holiday traveling, including much more sugar and baked goods and ice cream (especially that Haagen-Dazs limited edition Peppermint Bark flavor) than necessary, I'm baaack! Sorry for the delay, folks. I meant to get back on the / a bit sooner, but I was busy posing by giant cups of coffee ...

Bigger than a vente

and visiting a giant stuffed moose.

Insert Sarah Palin joke

Over the holidays I went to Massachusetts (where I encountered that Dunkin' Donuts cup in Logan Airport) to visit my girlfriend's family. After Massachusetts, we went to Colorado to visit my family (and took a side trip to Rocky Mountain National Park where we encountered the moose). The purpose of this trip was, of course, to see our loved ones, but also to tell everybody that ... drumroll, please ... we are getting married!

Yes, I know, Prop. 8 stripped us of our right to marry in California, but that can't stop us! I am, of course, crossing my fingers that the California Supreme Court will overturn that blasted proposition before we get hitched (we're planning for this summer), but if not, we're doing it anyway.

The trip to visit our families and come out as a recently engaged couple was the perfect cap to quite a whirlwind year for me. So many wonderful things happened! Here are some of them in bullet form:

Last year was just about the most incredible year of my life, I have to say. It was so incredible that I'm just a little trepidatious about 2009, but I know there are already a slew of potentially fabulous things waiting for me down the line. For example:

  • I'm writing another novel. I am both very afraid and ignoring that fear entirely.
  • Soon I will see the final cover for Ash. I've seen a draft version, and it was already so great I can't wait to see the final one.
  • I'm going to get married!
  • My book will actually be published. I am both very afraid and ignoring that fear entirely.

Thanks to those of you who made suggestions about what you'd like to see on my / in the future. I plan to do some of those things very soon. Meanwhile, I wish you all a very happy and joyful new year.